September 16, 2010

i wanna be covered in sauce

it's finally cooled down enough to get some serious cooking done! so... i tried a bunch of new recipes this week. i crusted some chicken in fritos, whipped up an arugula and walnut pesto and tried my hand at barbecue ribs! my mom used to make ribs on my birthday and special occasions because, well, i've always been a big fan of messy meat. it was hard to leave them slow cooking for two and a half hours but i knew the end result would be worth it. i threw in a roughly chopped cabbage towards the end and mashed up some celery root with potatoes. it was one hell of a meal on a fuckin cold night, lemme tell you...

OH! another thing. we've been begging our friend tiff to bring us to her parent's house for home cooked filipino food so, to tie us over, she showed up with some desserts one night. everything was covered in sugar and i was basically in heaven. i'd love to expand on that. i'd love to have some delicious witticism for you; unfortunately, i am too tired. however, i'm totally all over twitter. follow me to read about what i'm eating (real time!), how much public transit sucks and hilarious things my friends say while blacked out.