October 11, 2010

time for yeast!

thanksgiving weekend went well. i had turkey and quail and peanut butter pie and yams with marshmallows and beers and star-gazing and nice times. last week, my mom brought us an old dining room table she'd found in the garbage (like mother, like daughter) so we bought some legs for it on the way home from phil's parents house. we've got to wash, sand, (possibly) stain and assemble it still but we're hoping to have it up by next weekend for a little dinner partay. expect photos.

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know we've buckled into making everything from scratch lately... including mini hamburger buns (that were so adorable with their little sesame seeds on top) and pizza dough (a killer thin crust to house tons of tomatoes, zucchini and a fresh cracked egg). we've been eating like fucking champs. coming up this week: risotto, carbonara, squash soup, prosciutto pizza and possibly pumpkin pie!

October 05, 2010

all the jobs i've ever quit, all the garbage i've ever picked

i was just reading this (go ahead, it's a quick read... i'll wait.) and hating myself for not thinking to write that first or maybe i was just a little disappointed in not being the only one. i have friends who are also paycheque to paycheque, i have friends with expense accounts. i have friends with cars and friends with heroin habits. it's an interesting dichotomy living in a big city. i ate creamy truffle risotto with a bottle of nice red wine last night but i've got $17 in one account and -$15 in the other. i called in sick to work today because i really just wanted to buy some used records and finally put my laundry away. i'll be pissed at myself when i see my paycheque but, hey, i'll have this chrissie hynde record forever.

so, for now, i'll continue to tweet about the brilliant things i should/could be doing with my life while digging change from my paint covered backpack to buy a pack of rolling papers. it's a common tale of pseudo woe. a generation of over-exposed, under-utilized brains starving for the simplest ticket to the top.