January 26, 2010

phacebook, phlickr, foto fone.

i'm wearing a bathing suit instead of underwear right now. it's okay, albeit a little embarrassing to admit. i meant to do an unmentionables laundry session yesterday but got all caught up trying to update the software on my phone. i lost 3g and wi-fi connectivity over the weekend due to a 911 error with magic/rogers costumers. since this is my first foray into fancy handheld technology; syncing contacts with my pc, upgrading the ui, re-adding contacts (anyone know why google contacts are stored differently than phone contacts? i lost all the numbers i had added since buying the phone and can't figure out why) and customizing the home screen ending up taking over five hours. it was pretty fucking frustrating but now that i'm fully enabled, i'm stoked.

the sense ui is slick, fast and doesn't have any of the hang-ups my old android os did. facebook, flickr and twitter (which i'll never use) now come built in as well as really fun widgets for texting and email. (i can flip through messages like a sticky note pad!) i feel like i have a completely new phone and, while daunting, exhaustive and frustrating, the upgrade was well worth it. (added extra: rogers is providing customers with an additional month of unlimited data... that's means i'm free till march. hey-o!)

looks like i'll be doing laundry tonight while baking some vegan energy bars. i found the recipe on a cute (read: hyper-positive, athletic, married couple's) blog and can't wait to compress twelve kinds of nuts, grains and seeds into portable, fibre-tastic, shit-inducing, healthy breakfasts!

January 24, 2010

bacon, bacon, bacon

i friend gave me fifteen pounds of bacon for christmas. it's too much. it's thick cut, locally sourced and goddamn delicious but, it's too much! i froze most of it in individual portions and kim (my roommate) has no problem helping me it eat but, honestly, i can't wait for it to be gone.

have you ever googled 'bacon recipe'? the results are surprisingly vast. i've candied it, baked, broiled, wrapped, crumbled, sandwiched and even fried tofu in the rapidly expanding vat of fat we're accumulating. i fear i'll smell like grease until the day i die. it's seeping out my fucking pores and i swear i only covered it in chocolate once... okay, twice.

January 19, 2010

chain grocers can ess my dee

i went to a grocery store last week after yoga. i was on the other side of the city at 9pm and hungry. i saw a 24 hour metro and wandered in. now, i haven't been in a grocery store since... well, i don't remember. that place is daunting, man. i found myself wandering through thirty aisles, dumbfounded. everything was either frozen, rotten, over-priced or completely indiscernible as food. $3.50/lb for small, wilty tomatoes from peru? no local option? no fresh option? i left with a bag of day old french rolls, a can of zoodles and a single tomato for close to seven dollars. that's what i would normally spend for a week's worth of produce!

the whole experience left me saddened for small town/uneducated eaters. is this the only option in your area? how can people afford to shop like this? please, if i am alone in these thoughts - let me know.

thank christ i'm not forced to shop in a big box that carries pads alongside frozen vegetables and imported bread. i'm still in shock, clearly.

January 07, 2010

cleanse, feed, rest.

the last couple weeks have been dreary weather-wise but really inspiring food-wise. all the colourful, seasonal vegetables tempt me from the local markets and i felt encouraged to try something new. why not a warm, hearty soup?

i had never made anything like this before so after a couple vague googles and experimenting with different vegetables, creams, broths, puree vs. chunk, etc. my absolute favourite end result was a puree of butternut squash, green ontario apples and fresh cauliflower. i roasted the apples (diced) inside the halved squash with maple syrup, butter and some thyme. when mushy, i boiled the pieces with some chicken broth, more spices and tossed in steamed cauliflower right before pureeing. it was absolutely unbelievable and, honestly, two really fun hours for a week's worth of delicious, healthy soup. i'm so proud of myself.

in other news, i did laundry for the first time in months and now the sweet smell of detergent on my clothes is making me sick. seriously.

January 04, 2010

twenty ten.

alright. it's a new year. it's the first day back at work after the holidays and i'm going to... call in sick! weeeeeeee. i woke up this morning after tossing and turning all night while my residual two-week hangover sunk in, already late for work and realized i hadn't done laundry in months, groceries in weeks and that i could smell myself. i mean smell myself.

so, fuck it. i emailed in asking for a personal day and slept till 2pm. a hot shower and four hours of laundry later, i feel like a whole new woman. i made a nice tomato bisque tonight and uploaded a shitload of pictures. i've spent so much of the last month partying (
four birthdays, three dinners, two holidays, several stress-relieving mid week bombings), baking (cookies, bars, muffins, cupcakes, bread, libraries, pies) and waiting on retards (if you don't know how to connect to the internet, i'm not going to sell you pro tools) that i just needed a me day. a day, alone, to reset my world and get ready for the next step. i'll begin the voyage with vegan chocolate pancakes!