January 07, 2010

cleanse, feed, rest.

the last couple weeks have been dreary weather-wise but really inspiring food-wise. all the colourful, seasonal vegetables tempt me from the local markets and i felt encouraged to try something new. why not a warm, hearty soup?

i had never made anything like this before so after a couple vague googles and experimenting with different vegetables, creams, broths, puree vs. chunk, etc. my absolute favourite end result was a puree of butternut squash, green ontario apples and fresh cauliflower. i roasted the apples (diced) inside the halved squash with maple syrup, butter and some thyme. when mushy, i boiled the pieces with some chicken broth, more spices and tossed in steamed cauliflower right before pureeing. it was absolutely unbelievable and, honestly, two really fun hours for a week's worth of delicious, healthy soup. i'm so proud of myself.

in other news, i did laundry for the first time in months and now the sweet smell of detergent on my clothes is making me sick. seriously.


Josh said...

vegweb.com babe


i just love this-
i will attempt to make this soup because really, it sounds unreal
and also i will attempt to do proper laundry for the first time in months because honestly
i fucking need to
winter sucks me IN!
thanks for knocking me out of it today.