January 04, 2010

twenty ten.

alright. it's a new year. it's the first day back at work after the holidays and i'm going to... call in sick! weeeeeeee. i woke up this morning after tossing and turning all night while my residual two-week hangover sunk in, already late for work and realized i hadn't done laundry in months, groceries in weeks and that i could smell myself. i mean smell myself.

so, fuck it. i emailed in asking for a personal day and slept till 2pm. a hot shower and four hours of laundry later, i feel like a whole new woman. i made a nice tomato bisque tonight and uploaded a shitload of pictures. i've spent so much of the last month partying (
four birthdays, three dinners, two holidays, several stress-relieving mid week bombings), baking (cookies, bars, muffins, cupcakes, bread, libraries, pies) and waiting on retards (if you don't know how to connect to the internet, i'm not going to sell you pro tools) that i just needed a me day. a day, alone, to reset my world and get ready for the next step. i'll begin the voyage with vegan chocolate pancakes!

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Jacalicious said...

January 4th (or whatever the date is of the first monday back to work after nye) is the highest rate of call-in-sicks of the whole year. it's a fact.

you are among good company.