June 30, 2009

prosciutto and art shows. hmmm.

alli$on came into town again. this whole weekend was pretty much a trainwreck.

a delicious picnic inspired feast on my patio &
excessive drinking at all my favourite bars &
shots at sleeping giant &
brunch at johnny g's &
people at my house &
jukebox at the commie &
rainy sunday in the market &
puking up pizza like a disaster.

an exciting trainwreck, but one none the less.

June 25, 2009

east 905 > west 905

i just got off work from the dance party at sneaks.
as i was unlocking my bike some 905 douches started trying to get my attention.

"hey baby."
"hey girl, i wanna tell you something."
"yo baby... your tire's flat."

"yeah, i know man... it sucks. i don't have a pump at home."

i started to ride off.

"you're ugly!"
"get out of here... fat bitch."

i gave them the finger as i rode off,
it immediately changed their attitude.

"have a good night."
"see you later, girl."

i have no idea what just happened.

June 24, 2009

i have a ymca card

yesterday, i tried the new sandwich place i'd read about. it cost me fourteen bucks for a small club with fries, aioli and a mini bottle of coke. i was sitting in the window, thinking about how i could've gotten the best burger in toronto right next door (and for only ten dollars) when she called my name. i rose to pick up my food and she muttered something about the wait and offered me a chocolate chip cookie or carrot cake. DUH. cookie, thanks. if it's not chocolate - it's not worth my time.

the sandwich was fine. toasted sourdough, too many fries to eat, crispy salty bacon, real chicken off a bone, blah, whatever, blah.

when i got home last night, though, i unveiled the cookie to kim.
honestly, it was bigger than my hand and wobbled like a preemie's neck.
i bit in to discover.. holy christ... it's not chocolate chip - it's fucking FILLED with chocolate. this was seriously the best cookie i've ever had. i'm not even kidding. it's all i can see when i close my eyes.

and, i'm sorry kosmograd - but during your set all i could think about was licking melty chocolate insides off my fingers. but, hey... i'm sure you can understand.

June 20, 2009

N multiplyed (X) by N Equals boring.

alli$on came into town this week. it's always nice to hang around with my foot tattoo's namesake. i went to the show she was working at and made some new friends. the band was from brooklyn and their accents made me feel like i was on vacation again. they played and then we went to see great bloomers at clinton's and the hunting horns at the cadillac. we ended up at sweaty betty's for last call and i left before hearing any of the songs i picked on the jukebox.

phil left for his parent's house this morning and it was the first saturday that i've spent alone in months. i got some laundry done and, thank god, because i'd already run out of the desperation thongs and had been commando for two days.

i'd gotten a nxne pass from allison on thursday so i rushed down to NFB to see some flicks about vinyl when my clothes were dry. this was the third year that i'd forgotten about the christing mmva's and ended up riding my bicycle right fucking through it. however, i did get to hear kelly clarkson soundcheck the entire time i was in line at the theatre. (personally, it was a let-down that she's performing 'my life would suck without you' even though 'i do not hook up' is a FAR superior song.)

my friend dylan's short film 'record' was airing before the feature so i got a chance to see that. what a beautiful five minutes. i felt like i was eating breakfast on the kos patio and watching the whole thing first-hand... quite touching. brendan toller's doc 'i need that record: the death (or possible survival) of the independent record store' was everything i expected: funny, nerdy, scattered, punk-rock, inspiring and depressing.

overall, it was a great afternoon and, now, i'm home, half-drunk, hair-cutting and happily writing while some old vinyl hums along in the background.

June 14, 2009

sunshine on my shoulders makes freckles

i did a lot of things this week... mmhmmm, i did.

i saw drag me to hell and the hangover on tuesday. rainbow cinema - two movies for eight bucks! the hangover was a little lamer than i expected and i barely remember it, now, five days later.

sam raimi's new classic, however, blew my mind. i haven't had that great a time at a movie since the second night of kevin smith fest. it was a viscerally hilarious and wholly sadistic romp. i jumped at a few parts, scream laughed at others and eavesdropped witty remarks a la sook-yin lee (sitting in front of me). brilliant night.

the next day i went to the gym after work. (weird. weird.) i felt awkward there but it was trumped by the feeling of swimming. ohhh, yeah. it ruled. i'll be back.

wednesday night was what's poppin at sneaky dees. i'm going to be working the door there until i can't take it anymore. i mostly got bombed with kim and danced to bad 90s music. i took pictures of pretty people after last call and came home to make a sandwich. pretty regular.

thursday morning i woke up with stiff muscles, a killer hangover and a head full of mucous. the weekend is a blur of cold medicine and going to woofstock with my mom. i went shopping today though and found a great dress, pendants for a necklace i'm working on and a 4 for twenty book sale. what's up, julie doucet picturebox book and zoe whittall poetry collection? i'm gonna look at these when i'm high and think about feminism. thanx, grrls.

the rocket to woofstock

June 08, 2009

tastes like childhood...

you know that piece of garlic bread you swipe across your spaghetti plate to shovel the remaining sauce into your mouth after all the noodles are gone?

it's crunchy but covered in sauce and garlic and mushy vegetables and it tastes like fucking heaven?

well, i just made a whole pan of it.

i can't shake the tired.

i called in sick to work today. again.
turns out that one guy is on vacation so i left someone alone in the department.
i fucked up.

but, i worked a show for travis last night and was basically standing outside the whole time (in light rain and freezing temperatures) so this morning i was all stuffed up and actually coughed out something black. now, i'm on my second cup of instant coffee and i edited a shit ton of pictures from the weekend. i know it sucks for everyone else but, damn, i love having a weekday off to just be alone for a minute.

i'm gonna listen to mazzy star, wax off some hair and check out some artists we saw at the riverdale arts walk on sunday. most of it was bunk but a couple pieces got my attention.

check these broads out:

kelly grace.
laurie skantzos.
tanja tiziana.

June 04, 2009

summer time and the livin is free.

we got a free two litre of dr. pepper at work today.
it's pretty much the best day of my life.

also, i did a photoshoot with myself last night.
oh, and, i made a necklace and some earrings the night before.
as well, i made mini pot pies for the first time ever.

something about sunshine makes me feel creative.

June 03, 2009

i'm under attack.

raccoons have been digging at our windowsill all winter/spring. i'm afraid they're going to smash through the glass one night and eat us all in our sleep.

it's irrational, i know.
but, for real, i had a pack of squirrels throwing their little bodies at the attic door inside my closet when i was younger and it has traumatized me for life. i can't tell what animals are thinking and i know they must hate us. i'm scared the cats will revolt sometimes.

i was leaning out my window having a smoke and heard the streetcar ding.
i looked down on a pair of raccoons crossing the tracks, walking across the street and strolling down the sidewalk towards the alley that leads to my house. within minutes they were scratching at my window and backdoor. they dug and scratched. forever. i tried a camera flash to get rid of them, putting the cats up to the windows, yelling, clapping... nothing works on these toronto 'coons.

anyway, i had to put a brick and a bunch of wood in the window and hose down the shit (read: literal shit) with bleach. i did it right after work as i'm scared to go out after dark. i moved the chive plant they always eat to the other side of the deck, so hopefully that'll stop the window smashing/corpse devouring that's likely to ensue.

in the meantime - sunshine and barbecue.