December 11, 2010

the story of me: three (personal steezy)

personal style. huh. i've never thought i had any. i haven't changed much about the way i dress for most of my life. in one of the few home movies we have i'm on the front lawn in cut off jean shorts and a batman t-shirt. i'm 7 years old in the video and i wore the exact same outfit last night, 20 years later. it might be laziness; ain't nothin easier than jeans and a t-shirt. it might be inherent rocker syndrome from my parents (who were barely teenagers in the 70s). as a child i always looked up to skinny jeans and big hair, literally. my older siblings were tough as nails too and got me into metal realll early. my wardrobe grew darker and darker as the 90s eased me into my teens and i haven't changed since.

other than slight striations in cuts of denim*, different lengths/colours of hair and a mid twenties jump into mini skirts i look exactly the same as i did when all i wanted to do was play she-ra, ride my bike and listen to metallica. hmm, seems my fashion sense isn't the only thing maintainin'.

*remember when we bought jeans based on the circumference of the ankle opening? i generally had 30 plus inches! hahah, and now i wear jeggings. what a world.