November 22, 2010

sunday night dinners

we've been making some very epic sunday night dinners as of late. by the end of the week i've grown quite a two day hangover and don't have energy for much but we always make it to the market for breakfast and groceries. we hit the butcher, cheese shop, vegetable market and bulk bins (sometimes a quick run through the vintage shops, too) then head home and cook. i love to eat a huge, home cooked meal and then just fuckin' zone out on the couch watching the simpsons. plus, the house gets all warm from the oven and i can just sit and baste in the glorious smell of cornish hens, squash risotto, curried oxtail or grilled pork chops.

November 09, 2010

i'm about to coin the term "food schwing"

we finished our table! it looks soooo sick. it's exactly like we wanted and, if i may say, comparable to the ones sold on queen west for a cool g... or more! we haven't started moving the other furniture around to accommodate it yet so i don't have any pictures (read: too anal to post evidence of an unorganized house) but there is a little teaser beneath the plate of that delicious fucking rib eye. did i mention it's nestled on a mountain of blue cheese risotto? that i made myself?! holy shit. it was so good. we've been making a ton of risotto lately (read: minimum twice a week since we realized we could) and this one was my absolute favourite. so creamy, cheesy and rich! so gluttonous and unnecessary! total food schwing!

November 02, 2010

ssssmokin... nineties are in, right?

sorry about october and september, readers. three entries in two months? that's pretty weak. however, in my short absence i have been cooking, working and partying up a storm. if you want to see the meals as i eat them and the drinks as i forget them (and feel free to ask for details/recipes) just check the sidebar to the right as my current photos/tweets will be circulating there. thanks & sorry again.

ahem, phil and i smoked meat for the first time! we bought hickory chips mooonths ago but felt summer wasn't an appropriate time to fill the kitchen up with smoke. now that it is cooler (read: fuckin freezing) we've been rocking risotto and roasts and yes, smoking chicken breasts in a wok lined with tinfoil. we saw chuck hughes do it on chuck's day off and have wanted to try it since. the chicken was moist and had great flavour, our house didn't reek too bad afterward and it was super easy to do (you could even smoke tofu, cheese, tomatoes or fish!).