June 25, 2009

east 905 > west 905

i just got off work from the dance party at sneaks.
as i was unlocking my bike some 905 douches started trying to get my attention.

"hey baby."
"hey girl, i wanna tell you something."
"yo baby... your tire's flat."

"yeah, i know man... it sucks. i don't have a pump at home."

i started to ride off.

"you're ugly!"
"get out of here... fat bitch."

i gave them the finger as i rode off,
it immediately changed their attitude.

"have a good night."
"see you later, girl."

i have no idea what just happened.

1 comment:

joe a said...

immature douche-nozzles. desperate to engage, but nothing worthy to say. attracted to beauty and intimidated all the while. feeling small while acting tall. more sure about you than about themselves. blown away like dust. b-bye.