June 08, 2009

i can't shake the tired.

i called in sick to work today. again.
turns out that one guy is on vacation so i left someone alone in the department.
i fucked up.

but, i worked a show for travis last night and was basically standing outside the whole time (in light rain and freezing temperatures) so this morning i was all stuffed up and actually coughed out something black. now, i'm on my second cup of instant coffee and i edited a shit ton of pictures from the weekend. i know it sucks for everyone else but, damn, i love having a weekday off to just be alone for a minute.

i'm gonna listen to mazzy star, wax off some hair and check out some artists we saw at the riverdale arts walk on sunday. most of it was bunk but a couple pieces got my attention.

check these broads out:

kelly grace.
laurie skantzos.
tanja tiziana.

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