June 20, 2009

N multiplyed (X) by N Equals boring.

alli$on came into town this week. it's always nice to hang around with my foot tattoo's namesake. i went to the show she was working at and made some new friends. the band was from brooklyn and their accents made me feel like i was on vacation again. they played and then we went to see great bloomers at clinton's and the hunting horns at the cadillac. we ended up at sweaty betty's for last call and i left before hearing any of the songs i picked on the jukebox.

phil left for his parent's house this morning and it was the first saturday that i've spent alone in months. i got some laundry done and, thank god, because i'd already run out of the desperation thongs and had been commando for two days.

i'd gotten a nxne pass from allison on thursday so i rushed down to NFB to see some flicks about vinyl when my clothes were dry. this was the third year that i'd forgotten about the christing mmva's and ended up riding my bicycle right fucking through it. however, i did get to hear kelly clarkson soundcheck the entire time i was in line at the theatre. (personally, it was a let-down that she's performing 'my life would suck without you' even though 'i do not hook up' is a FAR superior song.)

my friend dylan's short film 'record' was airing before the feature so i got a chance to see that. what a beautiful five minutes. i felt like i was eating breakfast on the kos patio and watching the whole thing first-hand... quite touching. brendan toller's doc 'i need that record: the death (or possible survival) of the independent record store' was everything i expected: funny, nerdy, scattered, punk-rock, inspiring and depressing.

overall, it was a great afternoon and, now, i'm home, half-drunk, hair-cutting and happily writing while some old vinyl hums along in the background.

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