June 14, 2009

sunshine on my shoulders makes freckles

i did a lot of things this week... mmhmmm, i did.

i saw drag me to hell and the hangover on tuesday. rainbow cinema - two movies for eight bucks! the hangover was a little lamer than i expected and i barely remember it, now, five days later.

sam raimi's new classic, however, blew my mind. i haven't had that great a time at a movie since the second night of kevin smith fest. it was a viscerally hilarious and wholly sadistic romp. i jumped at a few parts, scream laughed at others and eavesdropped witty remarks a la sook-yin lee (sitting in front of me). brilliant night.

the next day i went to the gym after work. (weird. weird.) i felt awkward there but it was trumped by the feeling of swimming. ohhh, yeah. it ruled. i'll be back.

wednesday night was what's poppin at sneaky dees. i'm going to be working the door there until i can't take it anymore. i mostly got bombed with kim and danced to bad 90s music. i took pictures of pretty people after last call and came home to make a sandwich. pretty regular.

thursday morning i woke up with stiff muscles, a killer hangover and a head full of mucous. the weekend is a blur of cold medicine and going to woofstock with my mom. i went shopping today though and found a great dress, pendants for a necklace i'm working on and a 4 for twenty book sale. what's up, julie doucet picturebox book and zoe whittall poetry collection? i'm gonna look at these when i'm high and think about feminism. thanx, grrls.

the rocket to woofstock

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kittenincognito said...

zoe whittall is phenomenal.

- alana