June 24, 2009

i have a ymca card

yesterday, i tried the new sandwich place i'd read about. it cost me fourteen bucks for a small club with fries, aioli and a mini bottle of coke. i was sitting in the window, thinking about how i could've gotten the best burger in toronto right next door (and for only ten dollars) when she called my name. i rose to pick up my food and she muttered something about the wait and offered me a chocolate chip cookie or carrot cake. DUH. cookie, thanks. if it's not chocolate - it's not worth my time.

the sandwich was fine. toasted sourdough, too many fries to eat, crispy salty bacon, real chicken off a bone, blah, whatever, blah.

when i got home last night, though, i unveiled the cookie to kim.
honestly, it was bigger than my hand and wobbled like a preemie's neck.
i bit in to discover.. holy christ... it's not chocolate chip - it's fucking FILLED with chocolate. this was seriously the best cookie i've ever had. i'm not even kidding. it's all i can see when i close my eyes.

and, i'm sorry kosmograd - but during your set all i could think about was licking melty chocolate insides off my fingers. but, hey... i'm sure you can understand.

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