January 26, 2010

phacebook, phlickr, foto fone.

i'm wearing a bathing suit instead of underwear right now. it's okay, albeit a little embarrassing to admit. i meant to do an unmentionables laundry session yesterday but got all caught up trying to update the software on my phone. i lost 3g and wi-fi connectivity over the weekend due to a 911 error with magic/rogers costumers. since this is my first foray into fancy handheld technology; syncing contacts with my pc, upgrading the ui, re-adding contacts (anyone know why google contacts are stored differently than phone contacts? i lost all the numbers i had added since buying the phone and can't figure out why) and customizing the home screen ending up taking over five hours. it was pretty fucking frustrating but now that i'm fully enabled, i'm stoked.

the sense ui is slick, fast and doesn't have any of the hang-ups my old android os did. facebook, flickr and twitter (which i'll never use) now come built in as well as really fun widgets for texting and email. (i can flip through messages like a sticky note pad!) i feel like i have a completely new phone and, while daunting, exhaustive and frustrating, the upgrade was well worth it. (added extra: rogers is providing customers with an additional month of unlimited data... that's means i'm free till march. hey-o!)

looks like i'll be doing laundry tonight while baking some vegan energy bars. i found the recipe on a cute (read: hyper-positive, athletic, married couple's) blog and can't wait to compress twelve kinds of nuts, grains and seeds into portable, fibre-tastic, shit-inducing, healthy breakfasts!

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