February 04, 2010

i talk about shitting too much.

i finally got around to making those vegan energy bars i wrote about awhile ago. i've been busy apartment hunting for the past week: all my online energy is targeted at craigslist and viewit. my boyfriend and i are finally moving in together (just in time for our four year anniversary) and i am pretty fucking excited. i've lived with dudes before and it always ends in disaster. i'm so glad we waited this long because we are completely on the same page stylistically and neighbourhood wise. i really don't want to leave the small independent markets, butchers and cheese shops surrounding my current abode but i'm anxious to start building a life with phil. plus, we're avid cyclists and, to be honest, toronto ain't that big. our sundays will probably still be spent in kensington market. i'll keep y'all abreast of our hunting and stay tuned for (more than likely) a shit ton of diy projects and vintage furniture finds. i can't wait!

now, onto the food. i have a terrible habit of either not eating breakfast or eating a three egg benedict with four cups of coffee. my body hates me. so, when i saw a post on (neverhome)maker a couple weeks ago for vegan energy bars i freaked out a little. it usually happens when i see something delicious that i know i could so easily make myself and completely alter to my own tastes. i am totally in love with the result and, to be brutally honest, my shits have been fantastic!

these bars are loaded with fibre and goddamn delicious. i used flax seed, all bran cereal, almonds, coconut, organic rolled oats, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, soy nuts, natural peanut butter, tahini, organic honey and local maple syrup. the key is to keep adding honey or syrup until the whole mess is sticking together. pack it in a brownie pan, bake for fifteen minutes and boom! portable breakfasts for days. your bowels will thank you.


phil said...

honey isn't vegan


alright, alright. well, no bees DIED in the making of these bars, so, it counts.

Jacalicious said...

thanks for this. I'm going to try these. then my bowels can thank you.
I mean me.

The Style Rider said...

cool! But I don't think those are completely Vegan!


Good thing I'm not vegan! I don't know man, I get recipes from vegan websites I assume they know what they're talking about. Who cares? They're delicious.

Obscura said...

Are those almonds I see?
You're totally right about julie newmar too.
Shit she was awesome.