February 24, 2010

is this spatula mine or yours?

there's a great new rummage store in the market called funky junky. i've bought a couple old mason jars, bottle openers, lighters and cigarette boxes there (you can see where my lifestyle lies) and i'm always tempted to snag the rusted super 8 cameras in the back. however, i need to set boundaries on my spending right now. no more cameras, records, books, vhs or glassware until i move! packing sucks!

anyway, i was in the shop a couple weeks ago and and saw a candy thermometer in a bucket of dirty hammers and saws. i got phil to hold his lighter to it to test and boom! works. i got it for five bucks and have been really stoked to put it to use. i had leftover syrup from the chocolate peanut butter pillows so i found a recipe for simple maple-peanut candy (ok, she said walnuts and i used peanuts. so, what?). i gotta tell you, it was pretty exciting watching that needle rise, rise, rise to 200+ degrees... definitely more fun than dropping hot sugar into a glass of water. totally definitely.

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