March 01, 2010

the story of me: one (josie grossie)

i'm sitting here trying to recall high school. the formative years of my adulthood are but a faint memory. i'm looking through pictures of faces i recognize and names i've forgotten. i can't remember what classes i took, who i sat beside, my teacher's name(s) or what time the bells rung but i can smell that favourite blue plaid, feel the crunch of saran wrapped shitty weed in my jean pocket, hear the snicker of clear skinned seniors and clean nosed achievers. i probably hated you in high school: you probably made me feel like shit without knowing i existed.

the four, long years were spent bouncing between the quintessential loner (for me: robin tunney in empire records) and a try-so-hard-to-fit-in-you-stand-out rebel (lindsay weir, anyone?). angst! fear. rebellion! tears. i would never, ever do it again. the bad poetry, awkward attempts at romance and complete social ineptitude that encapsulated my life is not uncommon among teenage girls: i know this and i feel for you. stick it out, try not to get knocked up and hold onto your journals... you'll laugh at them in ten years. right before you set them on fire.


Orchid Grey said...

I WAS you in high school. Reading my old journals makes me want to puke, no joke. they are buried somewhere in the Maine woods.

Awesome blog. Thanks for following!


Thanks for reading! I had a feeling most girls in the blogosphere would relate to this post.

craig said...

Little dan Bennett! I have to show him this picture. Sweet blog McCool!


Craig! I haven't heard anything about Dan in at least ten years. Wow.

Oh, and thanks for reading, bud.