March 10, 2010

the paint got in my blood

i can't 'no-bake'. i don't know what's wrong with me or my recipes or my patience but everything comes out a slop! i tried no-bake chocolate macaroons the other week and chocolate pie last night and it all ended up in grossness. well, that's not true... it ended up a delicious slop i had to eat with a fucking spoon and not at all what it was supposed to be.

does anyone have a tip for me? am i too impatient, constantly shaking the pie plate to see if the gelatinous goo has formed into something biteable or does everyone have this problem? either way, i suck.

in other news, we signed a lease (and, of course, ate at the black hoof [bacon jam! sweetbreads! tongue!] to celebrate). the bf and i have been busy painting, cleaning, removing, shelving, taping, sanding, filling and planning. i'm totally exhausted. we should be fully moved in by the end of the month so expect a shitload of before and after pictures, outrageous dinner parties and maybe even our first big fight. i know, i know, it's been four years - i think we're safe too.


Jacalicious said...

are you using bakers chocolate? i hope asking this isn't insulting.


hahah. no, not insulting. i've actually used both. the last recipe i did (chocolate pie) called for cocoa and i thought perhaps that was my problem before (using baker's chocolate).

i think it's just my impatience. it's a science not a race!