March 30, 2010

paint under my nails, tofu in my belly, chefs in my ear

it's great to have someone to cook with. i've had roommates who were never around, didn't eat vegetables or just hated everything i wanted to make. phil and i have the same taste in food (except, of course, when it comes to mustard and raw onions. BARF!) and we've been cooking up a goddamn storm this first week of living together.

i stole a couple recipes from other blogs, he pulled out some of his staples and i completely improvised energy bars for the first time, ever! it's always scary to just wing it in baking (it is a science after all) but everything worked out. i'm excited, too, about all the new techniques he's introducing me to. we just discovered an existing cable hook-up in the living room and while daunting, distracting and devious (i haven't had cable in at least eight years) the food network is ruling my life. martin picard, food jammers, diners, drive-ins and dives and, hell, even michael smith are consistently in the background while we cook, eat and paint shelving (more on that next week). here are some of the things we ate so far...
and evidence of alli$on being a crazy (fun) person.

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