January 24, 2010

bacon, bacon, bacon

i friend gave me fifteen pounds of bacon for christmas. it's too much. it's thick cut, locally sourced and goddamn delicious but, it's too much! i froze most of it in individual portions and kim (my roommate) has no problem helping me it eat but, honestly, i can't wait for it to be gone.

have you ever googled 'bacon recipe'? the results are surprisingly vast. i've candied it, baked, broiled, wrapped, crumbled, sandwiched and even fried tofu in the rapidly expanding vat of fat we're accumulating. i fear i'll smell like grease until the day i die. it's seeping out my fucking pores and i swear i only covered it in chocolate once... okay, twice.


BagelHot said...

Maybe you could sell it or make pizza with it. A lot of pizza.

Kristina said...

Ooo, yum. Bacon is so hip right now.

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Jacalicious said...

I think you should try Michael Smith's roasted tomato pasta recipe with this bacon. The recipe calls for Pancetta but I have used salami in the past, can't see why you couldn't use bacon and get delicious results. Plus, with the exception of the bacon, the recipe is super healthy and stupidly easy.


I see now it even suggests bacon as an alternative. I have also added other veggies to it and it is never bad. A great way to use up almost-bad produce.