January 12, 2011

fatty fatty two by four

well, i've been 28 for a couple weeks now. it's alright. i mean, lately i'm actually enjoying growing older. it feels empowering... i think? either way, i had a party for my birthday. i made a sweet chocolate slab cake that is slowly becoming my signature dish. we had dozens and dozens of raw oysters waiting to be shucked, cheeses, meats, RIBS, bread, booze, buddies... everything i could have hoped for! in fact, multiple nights over the course of the holidays were filled with more food than i should have eaten and i'm paying the price for that now.

so, phil and i are making a conscious effort to cut back on portion sizes because we tend to eat like kings, in the middle of the week, for no reason. jesus, if you knew how much butter we went through you'd think we were lunatics! we like rich food; we like restaurant quality meals when ever we want them and, honestly, i like having pretty food to take pictures of. there are a couple moments, however, when i'm struck by the beauty in a fast food burger, a dollar store chocolate orange or a heaping bowl of bright orange mac n cheese, straight out of a box.

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