February 07, 2011

don't wake me, i plan on eating in

i'm so good at sleeping. seriously, man. i can wake up, roll over and fall back asleep for HOURS. easily. i could probably sleep straight through two days if i really had nothing else to do. if i don't have to work i usually only get up to make it to brunch on time. i managed to drag myself out of bed after only twelve hours this afternoon because i had missed my computer time. i love days alone in the apartment with the tunes on shuffle, joint resting in the ashtray, hands click, click, clicking away at photoshop, twitter feeds and nerd-related links. i'm currently searching through my flickr stream for meal ideas. i'm filming my on camera interview for come dine with me in a week and i need the perfect quick meal for the thing. i'm thinking pizza with weird toppings. is that too easy? i don't know. the dough will be from scratch so it should entertain them at least. i found a new recipe on the weekend for a dough that sits somewhere between terroni's cracker thin and libretto's fluffy na'an style. i was super happy about it and will have to make it again this week to be sure i've nailed it.

i'll be pretty stoked if i get on the show (if not a little stressed about cooking a whole meal without phil) but i can't help having bizarre questions run through my brain. should i hide the paraphernalia, my dirty laundry? will anyone be offended by my music collection, choice of rare steaks or sense of humour? what if i fart or subconsciously start smoking a one hitter on camera? jesus fucking christ. i'm gonna have to buy a lot of wine for this.


Tobey said...

Everytime I see that show I think of you and how great you would be on there. You would win for sure, good luck with the interview. But I would rethink the pizza thing.

Jacquie said...

definitely hide the unmentionables. I'd say it's like a line from that song "the sweater":
"Just be yourself. The best, cutest, quietest version of yourself. And definitely wear lip gloss"

Ok maybe not quietest but you get the idea.