March 03, 2011

busy bodies

i've been trying so hard to keep up with the band, the blog, the photos, the food, the potential tv gig, work and life that i've sort of lost it a bit. i constantly feel like i'm forgetting something (even though i'm not) and it's fucking stressing me out. april will be calmer, however. i'm looking forward to that. for now, here's some spitfist stuff: an interview i did with exclaim!, some music videos we made and a list of places we'll be playing. i'm making some shirts for the shows coming up and if you've ever wanted my stupid face all over your torso... you may be in luck!

while we were in kingston for a show we stopped by the value village and i grabbed a minolta point and shoot. it's called a
freedom and it's pretty alright. i was mostly shooting blind in case it was totally broken; i didn't want to get my hopes up, but in the end i liked some of the shots. now i gotta relax, man. this weekend's gonna get weird.

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