April 14, 2011

records and bodies

spitfist played a whole bunch of shows in the last couple months and we started recording our first full length! well, technically it probably qualifies as an EP when it only clocks in at 20 minutes for 8 songs but, hey, that's huge for us. i'm really excited about getting it mixed and mastered because it's the first time i've ever been able to listen to the sound of my recorded voice without cringing. in other news, recording has led to stress eating and goddamn the new cupcake place by my house. you're not getting the best of me! not right before cut-off jean short season!

i'm glad summer is on the way, though. i've noticed that i haven't used my digital camera for anything other than food photos in a long time. i think i've grown tired of it. maybe i need to upgrade my body... i'm thinking about staying in the canon rebel family because, let's be honest here, i drop my fucking camera ALL the time. i'm not the type of person who can shell out a thousand dollars on electronic equipment because i will break, lose or grow bored of it before i ever get my money's worth. i'd really like to grab a camera that shoots video so it will force me to become a little more comfortable with video editing software. who knows though, i'll probably just spend all my money on clothes and tattoos. speaking of which, get ready ribcage - you're about to get club sandwiched!

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