July 21, 2009

it's gonna smell like patchouli, isn't it?

i had a weird memory tonight. i didn't go to yoga this week because i needed to pack and prepare (read: wax) for a camping trip this weekend. i'm going to some weird hippie festival. i'm gonna do tai chi in a tent and learn about urban farming. i haven't been camping since high school and i think i forget how it works. so i'm mentally preparing a list of things i'll need to bring, stoned, staring at the coffee table and all i can see is the television remote.

when my little brother and i were, oh... i don't know, under ten, i bet him that i could concentrate on thinking about the remote control longer. we were in a real competitive phase (one that always ended bloody and tearful) and while this particular contest didn't make any sense it was the one that stuck.

it sounds ridiculous, i know, but i couldn't stop laughing thinking about it and if i texted jake right now, 15 or so years later, and asked what he was thinking about, i know what his response would be.

"the remote."

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Sarah said...

bring me back some urban farming tips and I will give you some of my hot peppers that I have grown...