July 13, 2009

you're so cool.

i threw my neck out last week. i'm not sure if it was at yoga, or if i simply slept weird. the pain stayed in the 'not too much discomfort' category all weekend. hell, i was able to speed away from a car trying to run us of the road, literally. i fully explored two pretty impressive art shows (and was oh so inspired), ate a new food and screamed for gross-eared dudes on the tv to "fucking fight like men!" but, i guess watching all that buffy last night really took it out of me because today when i got up, well, i couldn't. the sprain spread straight down my back and left arm. i'm fucking half paralyzed and can only think of one thing to do about it. take some percocets and watch 'true romance'.

i'll leave you to explore my first panarama of one of my favourite bars: ronnie's in kensington market.

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angelune said...

This has happened to me at least twice and it sucks. Saw a chiropractor, but I was a teenager and my mom made me. Don't think I'd do it again.
Drugs and rest will surely help, then stretching...
In the meantime, chin up! You'll be raging again in no time.