December 07, 2009

beet arthur

i'm often thankful for the neighbourhood i live in. i'm wedged between chinatown and kensington market so i've always got fresh goodies near by and the late fall/early winter is quickly becoming my favourite produce season! i bought three kinds of beets this week (who knew, right?). i roasted them all for awhile, ate a few burning hot chunks and threw the rest in with my brine mixture (getting better by the pickle, thanks for asking). the candy cane beet has weird colours like, uh, a candy cane and the golden one is a completely different taste than the classic purple guy. next up: local squash and apple soup. boom.


Corey Mintz said...

The produce joint at St. Andrew & Kensington has candycane beets right now. Like the one in your photo, they are sort of mottled pink. Occasionally they have a serious swirl of pink and white. The colour will be lost after pickling though.


ha, that's the market i got them from. they had a surprisingly different taste and actually retained the mottled pink colour in the middle after pickling. well... only the big chunks.

Obscura said...

om nomm!
beets are the food of the slavic gods!