April 12, 2010

fuckload of finger foods for friends

we had our first dinner party this weekend. sure, we don't have a dining room table or enough plates to serve everyone at once but that didn't stop us! we made a fuckload of finger foods for friends and it worked out splendidly.

we were woken up by our new internet provider. we had an "appointment" scheduled for 12-5pm. they showed up at 9am. whatever. at least i got a chance to watch 'french food at home'. laura calder is so sensual in her cooking and i generally feel like i can make everything just as well as she does... if not better.

after several attempts to connect our computers and phones to the new (fibre optic!) connection we spent the afternoon in kensington market trying to plan the menu. we wound up with a whole lot of cheese, meat, bread and basic vegetables. i organized a cheese plate, smoked salmon hor d'oeuvres and plated food as phil fried up parmesan tacos to stuff with steak and arugula, grilled some smokey chicken for bite size club sandwiches and marinated tomatoes for a goat cheesy bruschetta.

we ate, drank, listened to records and had a really fantastic time. for me, the highlight was laura's recipe for french slab (think a silkier version of flourless chocolate cake). i whipped up some vanilla creme and topped it with blackberries. i ate it in, like, two bites. shit was delicious... especially with a plethora of cheap merlot, a thousand beers, hazily rolled joints and dirtbag friends to share it all with.


nfnty said...

this looks so FUCKING GOOD. Damn you tuna sandwich for lunch, damn you fish fingers for dinner!

phil said...

damn sad i missed all of that!


you should be, sucker!
we'll do it again... a thousand times. you'll get yours, philmill. you'll get yours.

Mike Pero said...

Laura Calder has a hot rack. Just sayin'.

How did Phil do the parmesan tacos?


Hey Mike! Phil saw the tacos on the food network at some point and made them from memory. It was as simple as grating a chunk of parmesan into a non stick pan, flipping once and then molding on the handle of a wooden spoon. They firm up in a matter of seconds and have a satisfying crunch. You should try it for sure, super fun.

Oh, and, yeah, Laura Calder is smokin'.

Mike Pero said...

She has replaced Nigella Lawson as my Food Network Muse. I could use two hours of Laura Calder a day and NO MORE Restaurant Makeover!! So tired of that show. And as shitty as that sounds I'm really digging MIchael Smith's show lately. Not the travel one, the one where he feeds his kid weird shit.


I totally agree. Get Restaurant Makeover off the air! They haven't filmed a new episode in years.

I love Michael Smith. Everything he makes is so simple but inventive and his walk-in pantry is like a dream.