May 18, 2011

whichever dessert has the most chocolate, i'll take it.

i haven't been baking as much as i used to because i'm trying to keep my weight in check, like, for real this time. (jesus christ. that's the worst. i'm the worst. who wants to read shit like that? blah, blah, i'm uncomfortable with my body. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. i digress...) recently, however, my fantastic boyfriend brought me home a selection of chocolate treats (read: for no reason at all) and while they were all astounding, the whoopie pie intrigued me because i felt like i could make it. possibly make it better. i already have a recipe for cake-like cookies that i found through the magic of google but i've never really nailed a super fluffy icing/filling before. hey, guess what, i didn't this time either! i over estimated how much icing sugar i had left and used too much butter so the icing was all fucking runny and didn't hold up between the cookies. also, i have zero patience when it comes to the "let cool" portion of baking so i iced while warm and ended up with a delicious mess. i popped some in the fridge and they set nicely. also, i ran out of milk so i used sour cream in the cookie batter and it fuckin' RULED! the cookie looked perfectly fudgy and melted in my mouth. you should make them too but have more patience or keep them in the fridge or something. they'll be fantastic either way but you shouldn't have to hose down afterward.


Johnny said...

wowsers! they look amazing!

robin p. said...

These looks GREAT! I hear ya on the "keeping your weight" in check - it can be hard though when you live around the corner from one of the best places to eat in New York and you have super mad sweet tooth. :) Thanks