June 05, 2011

two face life

my fucking throat has been killing me for two weeks now. the first five days were coupled with other cold symptoms that have all but withered away. the hacking, the phlegm, the inability to hold a fucking note, however, remains. we played four shows in the last two weeks and my vocal folds are completely raped. this weekend was a nice distraction though. we played in hamilton on friday; i got a footlong assorted sub for $3.20, a half quarter of good weed for $20 and strangers fought with hula hoops during our set and twirled fire afterward. oh, and we did two encores. hahah, that has NEVER happened before. on the way home we got pulled over for speeding and while waiting for the cop to write a ticket i was positive i was gonna piss my pants. after squatting on the front lawn of an apartment building in parkdale (with another spitfist member), i took out money and bought a chili cheese dog from 7-11. i puked it up later (with all the jager shots) so i felt pretty good about it the next day.

i can't think of a segue for this but i bought some awesomely old school italian kitchen tools (ricer, single stove-top espresso maker) with a set of dominoes and vintage cassette recorder at a sweet yard sale today. summer is upon us! my life is weird!

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