August 13, 2011

so why not consider someone else: stop canonizing animals

i love eating with my hands. getting all up in the cut and shit. get dirty, get weird. you gotta eat to live, why not live to eat? i recently called a vegan dude a self righteous prick for voicing his support of an article on the hatred of "foodies" while on route to eat at au pied de cochon for a second time. we had scheduled our trip to montreal solely around our reservation; we had a table booked before we had a room. after a nice day of record shopping we cleaned up and had a gluttonous, coma inducing feast of foie gras and blood sausage tart, bison tongue and beef tartare with a raw quail egg... and every dish was amazing. i don't understand why most vegans have to be such party poopers all the time. i understand and respect your choices, why won't you understand mine and stop fucking pestering me?

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