August 02, 2011

the story of me: four (tee vee)

i love television. i always have and always will. i can do without a lot of things. hell, i once went to the queenshead in 2006 and didn't have a single drink all night. that's basically a goddamn miracle. tv, however, is in my blood and i need it desperately to survive.

i grew up with tv and remember events in my life based around what was airing/what i was downloading. example? i remember that i broke my foot in 2003 because that's the year buffy went off the air and the year i finally began watching it. i was through the first season on dvd (and painkillers) when the space network picked up buffy and angel, airing them in syndication, back to back, at 3AM on weeknights. i was a half cripple that had just dropped out of theatre school so this fit my fucked up sleeping patterns. hmmm, i suppose my tendency towards keeping gonzo hours and obsessively watching days of television at a time are not mutually exclusive.

i was thinking about writing this blog at work today and my mind wandered to how many shows i have seen every single episode of... and liked! i wager it's an embarrassing list. fuck it, let's go: buffy, fishing with john, angel, friends, bored to death, seinfeld, fresh prince of bel air, rob & big, the simpsons, pushing daisies, undergrads, laguna beach, 30 rock, degrassi junior high, modern family, newsradio, arrested development, drew carey, saved by the bell, new adventures of old christine, freaks and geeks, party down, my life as liz, breaking bad, kitchen confidential, jersey shore, my so-called life, no ordinary family, californication, the golden girls, mr. sunshine, heroes, mad love, clone high, cougar town, how i met your mother, glee, supernatural, the office (us & uk), parks and recreation, louie, undeclared, bob's burgers, fantasy factory,
bones and that's everything i can think of off the top of my head. i'm totally gonna keep this list updated though. hahah, what a loser.

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