August 31, 2009

last weekend of summer, my ass.

friday night we saw ohbijou and bocce at lee's palace for the 'friends in bellewoods' compilation release/eviction party and, well, from what i remember - it ruled.

on saturday we went to the cne! i'd only been once before and phil had never been at all. we tried to spend as little money as possible so, after $10 each admission we spent a couple bucks more on tickets for ride (we only ended up on three - one of which seemed modeled after the joke of a haunted house from the simpsons) we won a couple bucks at crown & anchor, ate ribs and ice cream waffle sandwiches, hung upside down and feared for our lives, saw every incarnation of white trash middle ontario and were wildly electrocuted in an effort to light up uncle fester's bulb.

after the ex we went to a house party that had a secret garden and later passed out with the tv and lights on after a blacked out ride home, so i guess that means fun?

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