August 27, 2009


i just got off work from the bullshit dance party i supervise every wednesday and i went to one of the chinese restaurants around my house for some pork before bed. when i walked outside i heard a girl jokingly say to her boyfriend, "don't tell me what to do." and he slapped her across the face. HARD.

honestly, i saw her head whip around as i was unlocking my front door. i wanted to say something. i wanted to fucking destroy the dude that slapped her. i wanted to rip his goddamn guts out and shove them down his piece of shit throat. i didn't, partially because i was at my house but, mostly because he had a car full of dudes that are more than likely also complete wastes of skin.

i'm sick to my stomach and there is nothing i can do about it because, evidently, these bros have no issues beating up women. i hate that i have to witness incidents like this when i don't have all the power in the world. if it were up to me, hey fucktards, you'd be crippled and dickless.

you retarded pieces of shit. we don't need or want you here. you make all of us look bad and i hope you crash on your drunken ride back to whatever bullshit west 905 "city" you came from. i fucking hate you and i hope you die before you can ever reproduce.