November 27, 2009

oh, granny... you're so stylish.

i finally got my boots in the mail! i am so fucking pumped. go, online vintage shopping! best 29 bucks i've spent in a long time.


iblastoff said...

they look like a pair of canadian santanas but look great! where did you find it onlne?


what are canadian santanas? i found these boots on ebay after a ton of searching. i have big feet so it's rare to find vintage shoes that fit me.

iblastoff said...

oh nothing special just some lace up ankle boots that look like the ones you posted.

heres a pair on ebay:

yours seem to have a neatly angled stacked heel though!

anyway just passing through randomly. i just got a pair of these for the toronto winter that apparently just started today:

a bit shiny i know. love them to death though!


ah, yes. they do look very similar. i'm a little disappointed with all this snow/wetness in toronto: i don't want to ruin my vintage boots but i want to wear them everyday!