November 02, 2009

the dead shall walk the earth... and eat pastries.

i fuckin love halloween. while this year was a slight disappointment on the raging front (read: waaaay over capacity party full of non-costumes) we ended up at a friend's house that was completely chill and she had made motherfucking dirt and worms! so, well, i was stoked.

earlier this week, kim and i painted up some mini pumpkins. you probably won't understand the images unless you're a buffy fanatic... but they're below... and cute!

on sunday (after washing my hair for the first time in years in an attempt to undo the rat's nest i teased up for my lydia deetz costume) phil and i went to honest ed's. i love junk and weirdos so i was pretty much in heaven. when i got home i cut open our painted pumpkins to make mini pies! after boiling them to remove the skins i was a little short for the recipe so i topped up the pureed pumpkin with fresh sweet potato. tons of sugar and some baking later... delicious yam & pumpkin tarts! i tried to whip some cream by hand but gave up after ten minutes and used the magic bullet. three seconds to vanilla infused whipped cream, buddy. i honestly ate six of them.

after all the sweetness last night, i felt i needed a big, greasy burger today. i stopped by avenue open kitchen and ordered a banquet burger with fries and gravy. it was life changing, artery clogging and goddamn perfect. i mean, hey, you don't go to a greasy spoon and get a fucking salad, right?