November 19, 2009

the taste of blood, the taste of wine.

i went to active surplus yesterday and bought a glue gun that i'm pretty stoked about. we put it to good use last night when assembling our ornaments for the buffyfest holiday swap! how fucking nerdy is that, huh? i'm STOKED.

on the food front, i'm the best. i made some goat cheese and chocolate truffles one night (holyshitholyshitholyshit) and added some fresh beets and more eggs to my jar of brine the next. everything is purple and pickled and i couldn't be happier about it.

i'm in this weird part of my life where i'm working less but making more money than i ever have. i keep buying stuff online (read: vintage jars and granny boots) and worrying i'll run out of cash but it just doesn't happen. perhaps all the little transitions from party girl to dinner party lady have eased the money tensions. for me it literally pays to be responsible. weird.

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