October 28, 2009

pickled egg recipe.

a bunch of people have been asking for my pickled egg recipe from a couple posts ago. here it is, you maniacs.

"beet root pickled eggs"

you can used canned beets - i juiced one. it's up to you. also, i couldn't find one big mason jar so i bought two little ones. they held three eggs each but use whatever size you have. these measurements worked for a half dozen eggs. adjust accordingly.

1/2 cup beet juice
3/4 cup cider vinegar (or any other flavour you like. 5% acidity minimum.)
1/4 cup white vinegar
clove of garlic (chopped in big pieces)
1 tbsp brown sugar (or any sugar other than white)

boil eggs for about 6-7 minutes. they shouldn't be wobbly or runny. let them cool completely. like, totally cold. carefully peel, put in jar(s). mix vinegars, beet juice, garlic and sugars until dissolved. remove the garlic (eggs will be deadly otherwise), pour liquid over eggs, seal the mason jar, pop it in the fridge and wait. i dug in after four days and they were fine but feel free to wait a week or longer!

mmm, bright red brine.

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