October 14, 2009

i'm in love with martin picard.

feeling much better today. fresh snip, favourite shirt, fairly sunny.

maybe it was gluttony withdrawal. i ate my weight in foie gras this weekend and most of it was coated in gravy or maple syrup. my opinion of montreal has changed. quebecers are still pretty rude but the architecture more than made up for it. why does toronto tear down historic buildings with character to erect condos for yuppies? it's embarrassing, no? i live in a city with a rich history that is constantly erased and rebuilt. even in the (just shy of) ten years i've been here so many (personal) landmarks have shifted, disappeared or been completely destroyed by gentrification.

i would love to see myself living in a flat in a bike friendly city with a fire escape that faced into a secret garden with wafts of duck fat and smoked meat slipping heftily through the air. if only it weren't so goddamn cold dans la belle province.

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