October 27, 2009

brine, sugar and lydia deetz.

the pickled eggs were, as doctor nick would say, a complete success! they've inspired me to try other food related experiments. i bought some little pumpkins in kensington this weekend that i plan to draw faces on (read: spike's rendering of angel on the punching bag) and later make mini pies with!

this weekend was a real blast. good friends, food and blacked out band practice. i took a ton of pictures of stuff i ate and ventured into the world of continuous shooting/gif animations with my new slr. the vice party was a joke, le petit dejeuner is my new favourite brunch spot and i teared up when michael j. serenaded us (with vocals and trumpet) at the communist's daughter when the jukebox shut off. on sunday, during groceries, phil and i slipped in a bunch of clothes shopping (again). i got a great slutty skirt, new gloves and the perfect dress for my halloween costume. pumped!

last night we started first season x-files on dvd and made some peanut butter cookies. i read a recipe online that suggested mixing the egg with the sugar first to make the cookies fluffy. good goddamn, it made all the difference in the world. i'm not quite a happy homemaker but i am on my way to being the queen of stoner couch eats. go, go ganja goodies!

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