October 15, 2009

break downs and break beats are no longer mutually exclusive.

time passes and society evolves morphs. i get this. but, within change should come improvement, no? when one thing dissolves into another it becomes something else entirely and should therefore be titled as such. for instance, when a solid becomes a gas we don't still call it a solid. it's not a gasolid or a solidous mass or some other stupid term: it's a fucking gas. so, why, when "punk rock" dissolved into half-grown men gyrating in their underwear pseudo rapping about ho's or diamonds or "talking with your hips" did the labels not change?

a co-worker just forced me to watch a live performance by her favourite "band" because "dude totally can't sing live". what? is there some new wave of idiocy that humans over 25 are immune to and can't convey to their younger counterparts in monosyllabic enough sentences for them to realize that what is happening in today's "music" industry DOESN'T MAKE ANY GODDAMN SENSE?

i'm going to listen to analog recordings of poets whispering in forests in sweden because that's the closest antithesis to the trite i just subjected my eyes, ears and mindgrapes to. thank you youtube, you've confirmed my belief that the generation below, beneath and after mine is completely fucking doomed.

+ a friend (ally in the fight) just said it so poignantly, "bring it back to ugly people playing beautiful music."

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