October 19, 2009

inspired by the commie.

i decided today that in order to skip the gym i must do something creative or active. so today (in lieu of kundalini chanting) i ventured deep into the kitchen supply stores of chinatown and bought mason jars to make pickled eggs in. i saw a recipe last week that involved beet root juice and couldn't stop thinking about it. i had never used the juicer attachment on the magic bullet and beets are totally in season right now so i was stoked for the experiment.

while i was waiting for the eggs to cook i started the crossword from the newspaper the jars came wrapped in. it was too hard so i flipped the page over and found a word search. i totally finished it before the eggs were done. no big deal.

after cleaning and cutting the beet into manageable pieces i revved up the bullet and started shoving the chunks in. that didn't work (an infomercial lied to me!) so i eventually pureed them as mushy as i could and then juiced the pulp. it worked alright. i yielded 1/2 cup of juice from an eight ball sized beet... i added two parts cider and one part distilled vinegar, some brown sugar and smashed up garlic cloves. after mixing well, i poured the liquid over peeled hard-boiled eggs and screwed the lids on tight.

it's been three hours and all i can think about is eating a briny, red egg. i must wait, though. pickling takes time and i will respect the laws of nature. for now, kiiiiiiim! gimme a mini butterfinger!


Jacalicious said...

if this is as amazing as I imagine it to be, will you pretty please share the recipe??

mccool said...

i actually got the recipe here:


i augmented the measurements for a smaller jar/amount of eggs. i'll let you know how they turned out in a week or so. i can't wait!