March 22, 2011

i love tearing meat off the bone

lately, i've considered abandoning my manners on the internet. i mean, uhh, i'm not exactly ladylike with my speech and shit on this blog but i generally don't scathingly humiliate people for no reason either. i always say please and thank you in public and i try not to swear when babies are around. recently though man, it is getting hard to bite my virtual tongue. everyone has given up! when was the last time you saw a comma in a facebook status? actually, fuck that. how often is there not a single instance of punctuation in your former classmates depressing update about getting new wiper blades? i hate that shit. it literally makes the internet unreadable to me.

i want to start retaliating and not just on poor grammar. i wanted to say so many hilarious (and snide) things today when the guy who used to fuck an old friend changed his relationship status and a photo of his new girlfriend popped up. orange skin, sparkle eyeshadow, high ponytail with that weird gloss covering it and all! what a fucking trainwreck and what a chance to read poorly spelled, half-witted comebacks!

am i wrong to point out the shortcomings of people i no longer care about? does internet etiquette even exist anymore? either way, i wish i could be as liberal with my insults as i am with my food. i'd love to tear the proverbial flesh off a lot of idiot's bones. i guess i'm just too goddamn canadian.


Zensurfer said...

not good to read your blog before going to the gym, now I'm going to work out and all I can think of is steak....

Zensurfer said...

is this on? is there an echo in here? *is there an echo in here*