September 17, 2009

brews, dubes and grease.

i haven't really been to the gym in a month. i hurt my leg a couple weeks ago and i've been busy and working and i know you don't care and i kind of don't either but, i feel like shit. i'm lazy and tired all the time and i'm craving fast food and sleeping in for work and, shit, i miss sweating it all out. i miss my yoga teacher. i need his bright, white, warm light all over my life.

i'm gonna do this. for real now.

get ready soft body... i'm gonna fucking destroy you.



this blog is really wonderful
i admire your talk

lisa said...

seriously, we live parallel lives. i hadn't been for maybe 2 months, took up the smokes again and went back last night. 1 hour on the treadmill and i was dead but felt fantastic inside. cheers to us and trying to dow hats good for us!