September 07, 2009

that was what war sounds like.

this weekend in toronto, there was an air show and a hot n spicy food festival and a keg party and yegor's birthday and it was a long weekend and beau got back into town and the film festival is coming and the shitty kids are going back to school. yay!

i ate oysters as a brunch appetizer and spent more than eight bucks on a bra for the first time in my life and lounged by a wading pool and drank a lot and rode bikes around and got some sun and took some pictures and had a band practice and bought garbage pail kids cards and ate a fried chicken club sandwich and almost shit myself in kensington and shopped for clothes and cooked artichokes for the first time and got laid and got comics and decided to lay on the couch instead of watching inglourious basterds. sorry, kim.

i made a video of a weird reflection on the wading pool in bellevue square park because i was high. it's below.
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lisa said...

i returned to school today but i am not a shitty kid!

but i know what you mean, i am ashamed to be in the same building as all of them.

kimbot said...

i'm sorry for you. you missed out.
bear jew for life.