September 10, 2009

is common really the best word for it?

i'm afraid of violent reactions. i'm afraid of pain. i daydream about strangers completely freaking out on me. i sometimes imagine customers smashing my face through a display case. i fear normal people on the street will become suddenly outraged and push me down to the sidewalk for passing them too quickly.

i'm scared of these things because i constantly talk down to everyone. maybe, subconsciously, i feel i need a punch in the fucking throat.

i don't want to be like this. i don't want to be afraid of your reactions.
i just need you all to be a little less moronic so we can simply speak like fully formed human beings. i'm tired of trying to explain myself to your lifeless, empty eyes.

read a book. eat a salad. smoke a joint. get laid. get your goddamn shit together then, get back to me. get back to earth.


starheadboy said...

I feel the same way, I'm always waiting for someone to flip out on my.. I work part-time in a customer service job.. I can feel the anger in a lot of people.
That anger that is just under the surface, it's sad.
It's sad that so many are so angry and quick to be consumed by it.