September 30, 2009

it's weird when i'm the most normal.

last night was unsettling. i was wedged between two old broads in yoga class. the one on the left kept panting and groaning and had no fucking clue what she was supposed to be doing which, ordinarily, would have been fine except when she ripped a giant blast fart beside my face and followed it up with a whispered, "oooh." needless to say, the whole class reeked like the women's bathroom at the legion by twenty minutes in. when the lady on the right let out a seeping 20 second fart (sans apology) later on that sounded like a marble rolling around in a mason jar - i couldn't help but laugh. old people just do whatever the hell they want, huh?

seriously though, the workout was tough. my thighs haven't burned this much since high school. just kidding, i didn't get laid in high school. i looked like this.


Josh said...

i just laughed super hard, and then wishedthat we'd hung out in high school.

kittenincognito said...

you looked like Lindsey Weir from freaks & geeks. :)

xo alana