May 03, 2010

between a rock and a nerd place

where do i fit into this blogosphere? as a reformed party girl i'm mostly grossed out by tit-flashing, misspelled, poorly edited "lifestyle" blogs but completely bored with run-of-the-mill, my husband builds things while i cook "food" blogs. i don't provide recipes and i don't gossip. i'll never post links to things i want to buy or talk about people i met at church (because i'm a proud heathen). i can't put up recipes because i usually wing it, when stoned, and don't remember what the fuck i put in the food (let alone measurements of such). i dunno.

lately, i feel like an anomaly. sure, i've been listening to beach house and best coast (as well as the new dillinger escape plan, old bikini kill and everything julie christmas is involved with) non-stop too, but i don't feel the need to tell you about it because that's what EVERY OTHER BLOG is talking about. i bake a lot and eat out at delicious local restaurants but, really, do you care? my apartment is filled with vintage housewares and i shop at urban outfitters for cheap dresses. i like records and film photographs and cupcakes and beer and, fuck... who doesn't?

it's coming up on a first birthday for this blog and i think i've settled in. there'll continue to be photos of friends blacking out, clouds looking pretty and food i've made to quell the hangovers, heartaches and hungry house parties.

thanks for being around if you were. thanks for staying if you did. talk to me. tell me where you, i and all the other in-betweens belong.


Mike Pero said...

I've contemplated a blog before, but then what the hell would I write about? Ex-metal guitarist-turned-blues drummer living in a small city with all the usual suspects (girl, dogs, house, car, blah blah blah). Not to say my life isn't interesting cuz it is, but I really don't know if I want to tell people about it. I prefer a certain amount of privacy in my life.

But then there's food. I don't eat as exotic as you. I can't get the ingredients you get, I gig too much to cook great stuff every night. My fiancee is vegetarian. But I think we're the same in that when we cook there's a state of zen that kind of wraps you up and keeps you in this cocoon of happiness. It's my meditation for sure. It feels good to make something out of nothing. And often it's nice to have that moment or that dish all to yourselves.

Food connects people. Even if people don't care about what they eat they still do eat. It doesn't matter if you share a recipe or some link to something you want to make. What matters is you're talking about food and there are people out there that read it. I've never been a guy to try and learn how to play a cool song from a favourite band, I take that enthusiasm I get and channel it into my own creativity. Food blogs can do the same: inspire and incite. I've never made anything you've shown but seeing rad food get made makes me want to keep making awesome food for myself, my girl, my family and my friends.

Jacquie said...

You've got to ask yourself why. If you are only doing it for the joy of taking pictures and telling anecdotes, then that is one thing. If you want regular readers and maybe someday to maybe make a few bucks, you need to go a different way. Is it intended to lead to a paying gig as a writer? Photographer? Or just a place to collect things you like? Vent about things you don't like? I guess like all things having some sort of goal, no matter how cloudy, will give you a reason to go on.

Personally I try hard not to think about what other people are writing or thinking. It's not about other people and what they are doing. It's your home, you decorate it as you see fit and ftw if they don't like it.

I don't think you struggle for content (personally I like the food pics and random stories best) but you need to decide why you are doing it and just stay on that course. All paths lead somewhere eventually.

ALso, are those mini individual mac n cheeses? YUM.

Tupper Cooks! said...

Let it evolve. Don't overthink it- you're a great writer. And above all enjoy it.

Tobey said...

You have never been an inbetween my dear, you have always been a very unique individual who is smart and talented and the list of things that you enjoy grows as you grow. When you were a kid you always had little food experiments in the fridge or the freezer, usually it had something to do with peanut butter lol
I love reading your blog and looking at your pics, it's my way of feeling close to you and being part of your life, even though I am six hours away. Keep blogging and cooking hun, I love reading everything you write.
as always your number one fan
xo love you Mom