May 09, 2010

happy mother's day, mom.

my mom is the bravest broad i know. she taught me to never be ashamed of who i am or where my interests lie. she taught me that black clothes hide pit-stains (we're natural sweaters) and laying flat on your back to zip up your jeans (with pliers) is no big deal. she told me that women can accomplish anything and don't let that fucking man tell you what's what. my mom makes me feel smart, creative, beautiful and strong. i couldn't have asked for a tougher bitch to guide me through my childhood nor a more loving friend to help me through my maturation into women-hood.

thank you, tobey wan-kenobi. you've been a mother to many but a true inspiration to me. i love you, mom.

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Tobey said...

Stacey thank you so much for blog on mothers day, I know through my life I have made some mistakes, but you and your brothers and sister have always been my proudest accomplishment.I look at all of you and I am in awe of the adults you have become. My children give my life meaning and everything that we went through and all of our struggles, now seem worth while. especially when I look at the women you have become and all that makes you
When I read your blogs and spend time with you, I am thankful that i was blessed with having you as my child and my friend. We may have had to grow up together at times, and sometimes I think you are more mature than I am, but one thing i know for sure is that i am and always will be your biggest supporter, your biggest fan, and the proudest mother on earth. love you with all my heart Stacey
thanks for being a very big part of my life