July 22, 2010

this time tomorrow i'll be camping. this time tomorrow i'll be...

i'd been waiting to make some vegan pancakes for myself ever since phil returned from a wedding with some locally sourced maple syrup (the bride's father taps his own sap). i had to do a bunch of running around this week to get the spitfist demo ready (we printed and hand assembled our own cds) and grab a tent, bug spray and arrange rides to hillside! wooo! camping this weekend, motherfucker! i'm so excited. if you remember last year, i was a little apprehensive about going to the hippie festival but my expectations were completely exceeded and it has happily become part of my summer routine.

back to the point, though. today was the first morning i didn't have to run to the printer, wax something or trim cd sleeves. i was stoked. i got this pancake recipe from some website i can't remember. i think i've had it for about a year and modified it a couple times. basically you need a cup of flour, a tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp baking powder, pinch o salt, glob of oil and a cup of (whatever kind of) milk. of course, everything is interchangeable. i've used white, brown and chickpea flour, all sorts of sugar, oil and while i recommend chocolate almond milk... any kind will do. i love to put a lot of butter (or earth balance or margarine) in the skillet to crisp up the edges but the pancakes will be great without any fat at all. just cover 'em in chocolate chips or bananas or any crazy thing you want. then relax. sit back. put on the golden girls and just have a half hour to yourself. mmmmm, indulgence.

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pancakes look great, kudos to real syrup.